‘Chill’ by Code Indigo – Review by Sequences Magazine

Review in Sequences magazine 2006

Chill by Code Indigo - Instrumental electronic rock cd Chill is a “must have” album for all lovers of moody, atmospheric and melodic synth music.

The opening track “Autumn Fades” sets the scene for the rest of the album as moody synths are overlaid with melodic piano motifs, phased keyboard lines, and electric guitar that is very reminiscant of many great Pink Floyd moments. The track gradually evolves as subtle percussive elements are added with the different layers all taking turns at being dominant, but never is this at the expense of the overall feeling and atmosphere of the music.

Chill“, the title track, uses similar instrumentation but with the guitar playing slightly more jazzy lines, using “Wes Montgomery” style octaves to great effect. The overall feel of the music has a more romantic feel too it but is still very moody in keeping with the albums’ theme of weather and climate change.

Vapour Tales“, is one of many shorter atmospheric tracks complete with voice samples that serve as linking sections between the other tracks . With “Ten Degrees Per Second” the album shifts up a gear as the percussion kicks in and you experience one of the most memorable melodic synth tracks you are ever going to hear. This was my favourite track on the whole album, and it also contains some tasty guitar riffing and soloing to boot.

“Back with Weather Calm” is another rhythmic track with choppy guitars, melodic synths and world vocals, not unlike a less dancy Enigma, that ends on a more ambient note with more radio/TV samples. ‘Back with Weather Storm” follows in a similar vein with even stronger world vocal melodies and some strident guitar riffing overlaid with excellent synth lines as the whole track builds towards a climax.

Vapour” is a more atmospheric piece with piano, synth and more voice samples that brings to mind the beginning of “Blade Runner”. The track “Cultures”, again brings to mind Enigma, or Deep Forest in feeling and rhythm, with numerous world music sounds, that are allied to the usual strong melodic synth lines.

Culture Shift” continues the rhythmic feel of the previous track with guitar and rhythm sharing the foreground. The last four tracks make up the “Lost Radio” section of the album and are basically one piece of music in four parts,where electro-percussive rhythms combine with melodic piano and synth lines, guitar leads and voice samples to create a fairly laidback feel, with the last section ending the album on a slightly melancholic note.

Chill is an excellent album full of melody and atmosphere and “Ten Degrees Per Second” in particular really should send shivers down your spine. Sequences magazine 2006

Visit the Code Indigo music page on AD Music

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