Code Indigo New CD – ‘In Concert’

In Concert double live music CDAD Music’s main act is the Pink Floyd & Art of Noise influenced “Code Indigo”, probably best known for the track “Code 14” from the debut album “For whom the Bell”, which appeared on the best selling Sony compilation “Magic Mysteries” during the 1990’s along with Vangelis, Adiemus, Santata and Fleetwood Mac. The band have a new double live CD due for 28th April release to coincide with the e-live festival in Holland. Much of the double album “In Concert” was recorded at the Code Indigo headline appearance at the October 2006 e-live festival in Eindhoven, but also includes material from several UK concerts recorded during 2004-2006. More information about this release, including preordering and sound bites can be found here.

~ by admusic on April 11, 2007.

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