Touching the Serpent’s Tail – Robert Fox

Review by David Law of SMD.

A soft soothing lead line drifts above deep reverberating drones. There’s a warmth to it all that is comforting, the subtle melodies caressing my soul. The track is called ‘Earth’ put to my mind sounds more like Heaven as ethereal pads join the lead, almost like angels singing along to it.

Touching the Serpent's Tail by Robert Fox - electronic instrumental music CD and download

‘Another Time, Another Place’ has a rather abstract and slightly eerie beginning. A rhythm comes in and instantly the atmosphere lightens and we are taken forward in joyous mood. A beautiful piano lead line increases the feeling of well being still further. This is an amazing track that would melt the coldest of hearts. Simply stunning.

‘The Serpent’s Sweet Song’ uses melodic percussion as a backing for synth strings to create a slightly mournful atmosphere. Slow faintly ethnic sounding drums increase the feeling of melancholy. From brooding beginnings ‘Weaver of Chance’ becomes quite soothing as wordless choral pads mix with tinkling piano. More ethnic drumming picks up the pace and the piano responds to it lifting the spirits high. It’s as if I am standing on the top of a mountain, a gentle wind blowing as the cloud shadows chase over the ground below. Another beautiful piece.

‘Strange Voice in Ancient Tongues’ starts with Gregorian Chants, OK hardly original but I still love it. A loping percussive rhythm takes things forward as gorgeous thick melodic pads then a delicate lead line once again reach for the heart. Unexpectedly as we approach the middle of the track the mood seems to darken a little but gradually the melodic pads return, as if the clouds that had momentarily obscured the sun had drifted away but there is still a slight edge of unease hinting of their possible return.

‘Flying Free’ also features chanting but this time it sounds much more Arabic (though I could be wrong, not being an expert on chants!). A twangy rhythm strikes up. Rather than flying the images that came to my mind were those of camels unhurriedly crossing the horizon. I found my feet gently tapping as I was carried along with the flow. The piano playing throughout this track is wonderful, giving it that extra energy that keeps the interest and excitement throughout. Windy effects get

‘Of a Time Gone By’ underway. Orchestral pads impart something of a biblical feel. Some sort of mournful horn sound cries out then the Gregorian chants return. It’s a gentle reflective piece maybe bringing up feelings of something or someone lost in the passage of time. More lovely piano bounces over a sedate but still infectious rhythm ensuring that ‘Above the Still Waters’ maintains the feeling of wonder and beauty so carefully crafted over this whole album.

‘The Serpent’s Tale’ brings things to a close. Sampled mystical echoing text over more angelic pads sets the scene then the most forceful rhythm thus far really starts to kick, giving things a guitarless Code Indigo feel, finishing things on a real high. Is this Robert’s best album to date? Hmm, could well be a musical interpretation of a series of images………..or is it??!!

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~ by admusic on April 11, 2007.

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