New David Wright CD Album – “Momentum” released 11th February 2008


Momentum is a gorgeous studio re-imagining of new music performed by at his USA Gatherings concert in September 2007. His music and performance that night garnered many plaudits and it’s no surprise that it has been reworked in the studio for CD release by AD Music. David states; “I felt inspired by a beautiful, intimate venue and an appreciative audience who were really into the music. Such combinations raise the adrenaline levels and result in an energy and spontaneous creativity that is rarely achieved in the studio”.

The gently evolving, journey style offering is laced with atmospherics and underpinned with gentle percussion and sequences that builds rhythmically as the album progresses.
The two 35 minute pieces are split into 13 parts with interlinking themes that hold the listeners attention from beginning to end and stylistically, follows the trend set with recent epic tracks like “Cassini” and “Sea of Dreams”.

Momentum contains all the best elements of David Wright’s music and is sure to find favour with existing fans and anyone who enjoys high quality electronic music.

Where some electronic music makes me Think, Wright’s music makes me Feel”.
Chuck Nixon (USA Gatherings review 2007)

~ by admusic on February 4, 2008.

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  1. Awesome post, didn’t thought reading it would be so awesome when I klicked at the link.

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