David Wright – Dreams and Distant Mooonlight

UK Space Music composer David Wright has a new studio album in the works entitled “Dreams and Distant Moonlight”. The album was scheduled for release in April 2008, but due to the success of the February 2008 album Momentum, (which was itself delayed from November 2007), AD Music has pushed back the release date until at least July 2008. That date may be extended further to coincide with the David Wright UK concert on September 14th 2008 and because of a major computer upgrade in the artists recording studio.

“Dreams and Distant Moonlight” is described by David Wright as being both an “Amalgamation and a further progression of the electronic music style and moods found on recent albums like Walking with Ghosts, Continuum and Momentum”. David also says; “This is my 19th solo album and it probably contains most, if not all, of my musical influences and has been an immensely satisfying album to record”.

Much of the music has been completed, and a confirmed track listing is as follows; Procession under Moonlight, Velvetude, Touching the Illusion, State of Confusion parts 1-3, State of Bliss, Amorphous, Sun Dust, The Canyon.

Artwork for the album is by American artist Christophe Vacher.

~ by admusic on March 27, 2008.

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