AD Music Digital Releases

AD Music is completely revamping its music online download facility available from its website. All digital music will soon be available
in MP3 format at 256kph and will include full artwork including on-
body print in jpeg format. There will also be the facility to listen to online music and download
the new flac format for those fans who want it.

AD Music will also make it possible to download individual tracks from its music shop online,
much like iTunes, for those who prefer to select individual tracks
instead of whole albums. This will also facilitate AD artists adding
“one-off” tracks, so expect to see additional music being added to
artists pages for download some for purchase but also some free digital music

This will all take a few months and customers who download lower rate
albums previously without artwork (from AD Music’s site only) will be
given the opportunity to download higher rate versions plus artwork at
no additional cost, so please bare with with during our period of
upgrading the digital side of things.

~ by admusic on July 22, 2008.

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