Geigertek – The Garden

Geigertek - The Garden

Geigertek – The Garden

A new artist to UK label AD Music is Geigertek, based in Norwich. His debut album “The Garden” is a superb creation released digitally in July 2008 and now available as a CDr release with AD Music’s usual high quality artwork and on body print. “The Garden” is an exciting mixture of electronic music sounds and styles that has its roots firmly in the “melodic new age” style of instrumental music, with strong hints of romanticism and no shortage of great tunes. However, where Geigertek really succeeds is in creating his own unique style and sound based on solid musical arrangements that at times verge on the classical, (which is no surprise given Neil’s classical training), some great solos, both synth and piano, and some inventive sequencing. There is also an unusually strong variation of moods here that really works well. From the mystical tones of the opening track “The Garden” through various sonic journeys that incorporate both strident and laid back rhythms, through the classical excursion on “The Sculpture and the Wall”, the gentle melody of “Songbird bathing in Blue” to the stunningly atmospheric “View from a White Room”, this is a superb album of well crafted, heartfelt instrumental music that although walking the line of melodic new age, never crosses into the sugary sweet. The Garden is sure to find favour with those who like their electronic music varied, emotive and melodic and is a welcome addition the AD Music catalogue. For further information check out the music online catalogue.

~ by admusic on July 29, 2008.

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