Dhyanam – Deep Embrace released on CDr

New album now available

New album now available

A quite beautiful and emotionally rewarding debut album from Dhyanam, who brings us his own unique, gently laid back style of electronic, new age instrumental music. “Deep Embrace” is yet another treat for lovers of melodic music as Dhyanam’s diverse musical palette weaves it magical spell creating a diverse yet totally cohesive range of instrumental music that embrace classical, cosmic, gently rhythmic and Tomita style up tempo pieces. Dhyanam has created his own unique style and sound here, while his approach to composing is one of letting the melody lead the way. That philosophy is evident throughout his compositions, which are full of heartfelt melodies, interwoven with synthesizer sounds and rhythms that create a richly woven melodic electronic tapestry, that is deceptively intricate in its simplicity. From the classically influenced “The Source” through to the compelling and moody “Silent Talk”, Dhyanam has created a gorgeous and quite eclectic new age electronic music album full of romanticism and mystery that’s a fine addition to the AD Music catalogue. For more information visit the AD music shop online


~ by admusic on August 4, 2008.

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