Callisto – NYX, early track information

More news from UK instrumental label AD Music about the forthcoming Callisto electronic music album NYX is that there are four long tracks on the album. Although no track names have officially been released yet, we understand one is the title track, “Nyx” and another is “Cyanide”. The music is predominantly sequencer based, with piano, mellotron and synth themes. As previously reported, the album is intended as a homage to the 70’s music of Tangerine Dream, but Callisto (David Wright & Dave Massey) intend to continue to present their interpretation of the melodic, sequencer and atmospheric side of the music. And apparently one of the reasons for the long delay was the duo’s determination to use the recently released Spectrasonics “Omnispheres” soft synth on the album. Check out the AD Music online store for more updates and news of free music downloads.

~ by admusic on November 23, 2008.

One Response to “Callisto – NYX, early track information”

  1. The previous news had me a bit worried, so it’s good that they’re keeping the music melodic. I can’t imagine Callisto otherwise. And I love long tracks sequencer-based tracks. 🙂

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