AD Music blog is first for news and reviews.

Fans of instrumental music from the UK electronic music label AD Music need look no further than its blog for up to date news, reviews and concert information about their favorite electronic music artists. The success of AD Music has been founded on the perennial sales of David Wright, Robert Fox, Bekki Williams and Code Indigo. But the label has continually presented new artists in the electronic, electronic rock, chill out, new age and ambient music genres. It has also benefited from it close Publishing links with Notting Hill Music Publishing.

What you can be sure of from AD is that the music it puts out is always emotive, melodic and atmospheric. It defies the usual categories because there is an inherent integrity in its artists music borne out of shared desire between artist and label to produce high quality emotive instrumental music that isn’t designed to fit current fads and trends, but is created out of a shared desire to produce music that stands on its own merits as a personal musical statement – as art. And that is surely why so much of the labels music has stood the test of time and continues to find new fans around the world.

Over the labels 20 years in business it has presented artists like Richard Bone, Ashok Prema, Enterphase, Callisto, Witchcraft, Catalin Marin, Robert de Fresnes, Raviv Gazit, Chris Harvey, Jan Hanford and more recently Uriel, Acheloo, Geigertek, Wim and Dhyanam. These artists are from around the globe; the UK, USA, Canada, Romania, Israel, Italy, Holland and Sweden indicating just how international AD Music has become. While some of the afforementioned have left the label; Jan Hanford for example set up Magnatunes and Chris Harvey joined her label in 2004, the remainder have a collective and impressive catalogue of music that continues to grow.

The AD Music website contains in depth information on all the artists, links to their own websites and myspace pages, a comprehensive range of sound bites, memorabilia like T-Shirts, and there is even a free downloads page to get you interested. For those new to the label, there are also excellent compilations at mid range price to chose from. Music can be purchased from its online music store, including MP3 downloads at 256kbps plus full artwork. Music can even be dowloaded in flac format.

The labels advertising tag line this year has been “We dare to be different”, so drop by to the AD Music blog and website to see why.

~ by admusic on December 2, 2008.

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