David Wright & Geigertek – The Dancing Snowman – WE7 reviews

Review 1:- The Dancing Snowman is one of the best pieces of Christmassy music I have heard for ages – Pop Idol and X Factor have taken the sparkle out of Christmas music, but tracks like this put sprinkles of snowflakes and glitter right back where they should be! The “lightness” of this track leaves you with no choice but to get carried away by the music…..easily able to conjour up scenes of children, snowmen, festivity and all things magical! Buy this track now and you will not fail to get into the festive spirit!

Review 2:- This gentle, evocative,therapeutic (even!) music, conjures up for me a seasonal scene where in a different time perhaps, a snowman dances around a snowy village green. Snow flakes are softly falling. Through the windows of the houses circling the green can be seen, Christmas trees their lights twinkling. Sounds of carols being sung, laughter and glasses being raised in a seasonal toast, carry across the green. Meanwhile the snowman still cheerfully dances in the frosty air. All this from listening to the delightful, brilliant “The Dancing Snowman” By David Wright and Geigertek!

~ by admusic on December 2, 2008.

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