Geigertek “The Garden” review by musikzircus (Germany

One of 4 new artist discovered by AD Music is Neil Fellowes who records his electronic music soundscapes under the pseudonym Geigertek.  The debut album “The Garden” derives its inspiration from the traditional electronics of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwork and Mike Oldfield and the more pop orientated music of Ultravox, Enigma John Foxx, Gary Numan and Isao Tomita.  The album opens with the title track and the impressive piano and synths are indeed reminiscent of early John Foxx instrumental ballads.  “Secrets of The Ivy” has a very spacey beginning and develops into a great track with an irresistible sound with a great melody.  The same is true of “The Day it Rained” with its Asian influences and another very catchy melody.

The rest of the albums is equally as involving, mostly the melody lines are played on piano with additional synth effects and all are well structured with nice rhythms. This has the effect of making each single track a small works of art. There is a certain resemblance to Andy Pickford at times and that is very clear on the concluding “The Dreams of future Past”.  But this is an original and very interesting debut and I am very interested to hear what the next Geigertek album will bring.  For more information check out the AD Music online store and free music downloads.

~ by admusic on December 3, 2008.

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