Submitting a Demo – tip 2 Presentation

Our second tip for submitting a demo flows closely on from the first, and again it has nothing to do with the music; it’s about “Presentation”. Although we can’t speak for all labels, most are going to have pretty much the same outlook. You’d be amazed at how many demos arrive at our door with a hand written letter on a scrap of paper, or no covering letter at all, just a telephone number and/or email address written on the CDR with little or no other information about the musician or the music.

In this day and age, even independent labels like AD Music receive a huge number of instrumental music demos and you must remember that it is YOU who needs to get the labels interest. It’s a huge mistake to think that the label is just sitting waiting for “Your” creation to turn up. Trust me, they’re not!

So, send a printed “One Sheet” with your demo – that is, an A4 sheet with a little information about yourself, your musical background, the music you’ve sent and a nice portrait style photo. Take some time and design a nice, readable sheet. Record labels will always take take more notice if that’s done right. Ensure all your contact details are included; myspace, web site, telephone number and particularly an email address. And about that photo – you want to present a professional image, so don’t send a silly photograph and don’t send a passport style one either. Again, take a look at professional artist photographs for guidance.

Labels will be looking for a “package”. They’ll want a good first impression of the person, the artist. They’ll want to know that this person has not only the desire and the commitment, but the capability to succeed. So the record labels first impression can only come from the information that is submitted with the demo and if that first impression is poor, you’ve little or no chance! So make sure you take the time and effort to get that first impression right!

~ by admusic on December 4, 2008.

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