Uriel “Culture Shift” – review by musikzircus (Germany)

Uriel is another new name in the electronic music scene discovered by AD Music and the debut album is “Culture Shift”. The eleven interlinked pieces form a magnificent one hour journey style symphony that is melodic, epic and thoroughly engrossing.

The eight minute “Ancient Roots” starts the CD.  Deep synths are joined by Eastern percussion that transports the listener to another culture.  African, Arabic and Eastern sounds punctuate the music but Uriel’s ethnic influences mix wonderfully with the electronics;  prepare to be amazed because this is fascinating music into which the listener will be transported to faraway lands.

Tracks like “Cultural Dynasty” and “Mountain Secrets” are stunning, opulent pieces, as is the percussive Soundtrack style “Tribal Ceremony” with its superb taiko drums and melodic oriental flute.  “Camel Convoy” is just wonderful and gives me goose bumps.  Here one actually has the feeling of being  on a camel in a desert venture.  The piece does not trot leisurely, entirely the opposite in fact.  Superb percussive sounds provide the mood that transfer my mind to a Bazar or into a Kasba.  The entire production and feel is so exiting and well constructed that the listener is hooked.

We then we arrive at “Oasis” and here I’m reminded of Alan Parsons but with eastern influences and again the music gives me goose bumps, it is so good.  Another fascinating title is “Crystal Fields” with ethnic sounds that perfectly combine with the electronics as do the closing tracks “Sunflower” and “Distant Skies”.

“Culture Shift”is a sensational debut on which Uriel creates an incredible variety of sound and music with atmospherics, Synths, guitars and fascinating rhythms to create emotional, well crafted music of the highest quality.  It is interesting to read that David Wright, the force behind AD Music, was so enthusiastic about Uriel’s music, that he had to publish it as quickly as possible. And it’s easy to see why, because Uriel music has such “wow” factor, is so genuinely superb and deserves to be heard, that I have no hesitation in telling you to purchase it immediately. Highly recommended!

~ by admusic on December 5, 2008.

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