Dhyanam – “Deep Embrace” review by musikzircus (Germany)

Dhyanam comes originally from the USA and “Deep Embrace” is the debut album on the British AD Music label. Dhyanam’s melodic instrumental music is inspired by the electronic music of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Art of Noise and Brian Eno as well as the classics.

On the twelve pieces, the music has a moderate Easy Listening, New Age Music feel and style. Strings, flutes and soft guitar and a nice feeling of space give the sound a warm and relaxing feel.  The production is excellent and in the style of the former Nightingale Records and other New Age artist such as Anugama, Karunesh or Kamal.  Occasionally, as on “The source”, influences like Vangelis shimmers through.

Dhyanam’s music is very catchy with lovely melodies, producing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, suited for Esoteric, relaxation  and healing. People who like that style of music or, say Kitaro, will certainly love this. Check out the AD Music website for details of its free downloads and music shop online.

~ by admusic on December 6, 2008.

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