David Wright talks about rising star Uriel and the album Culture Shift.

AD Music founder David Wright has been instrumental in bringing many new electronic music artists to public attention over the past 20 years and in a series of AD Music blog reports, he talks about the new wave of artists whose music can now be more widely heard, thanks to AD Music.

Uriel Yehezkel sent David Wright 4 tracks from a work in progress entitled “Journey” in 2007 and the UK synth artist says; “I was immediately hooked! There was a maturity and emotional depth in what I heard, plus the music was well recorded and produced. Over the following months I worked with Uriel via the internet as he sent me more music and he took on board a few arrangement and musical suggestions I made until the album was finished and renamed “Culture Shift” (yes, originally a Code Indigo track title that I felt ideally suited this wonderful new album).

I’m equally excited about all the new instrumental music we release, but sometimes, certain music just has that little something extra that you feel could take it out to a much wider audience. And that’s my feeling with Uriel’s music. It’s instrumental music in keeping with the melodic and emotive style that people expect from AD Music, but it easilly crosses the genres of electronic music, instrumental rock and world fusion without ever beating the listener around the head with heavy cultural influences, rock riffs or weird electronica. ‘Culture Shift’ is an epic journey style opus – a sensational instrumental music debut on which Uriel creates an incredible variety of sound and music with atmospherics, synths, vocal textures, guitars and other acoustic instruments, violin and fascinating rhythms to create emotional, well crafted instrumental music of the highest quality”.

Culture Shift (AD59CD) was released digitally by AD Music in August 2008 and is available via the AD Music website and on itunes and other online stores. The album is available on CD as of 15th December 2008 from AD Music and all major outlets.

~ by admusic on December 7, 2008.

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