David Wright talks about the new music of Geigertek

September 2007 was a good month for instrumental music demos; AD Music received a number of excellent recordings of which “The Garden” was one of 3 that really stood out (I’ll mention the other 2 in up and coming blogs). It was also great to read that Neil Fellowes, the creator of this original and melodic electronic music work, lived nearby in the metropolis of Norwich. It was nice to find Neil a very amiable and equally like minded crazy person, as all associated with AD Music are required to be!

Neil was very receptive to one or two minor re-recording suggestions and indeed, we ended up re-mastering the entire album, having some considerable fun in the process, adding the finishing touches and polish to his superb arrangements. There are so many things I like about “The Garden” and I have to admit that probably what drew me to it in the first place was that it reminded me of my earlier romantic style music – but Geigertek does it so much better!  Neil is a very accomplished piano/synth player and his classical training allows his creations to develop and mature into “individual works of art” (as per a German review). But it would be wrong to imply that the instrumental music of Geigertek is just romantic electronic music, because it’s much, much more than that. There are hints of other influences; John Foxx and Vangelis for example, and the Garden is an instrumental music journey of considerable substance and style. The music is well crafted with memorable, uplifting themes that contain interesting rhythms that slip effortlessly by. The tracks are varied; the wonderful “Sculpture and the Wall” has its roots firmly in the classics while “View from A White Room” is clearly influenced by atmospheric electronics, and all the music retains a freshness and vitality intertwined with a warmth and sense of emotion that makes the entire album compelling.

As well as recording an excellent debut, Geigertek has also shown his versatility and willingness to perform his music “live” which is no mean feat and performed a superb support set to me at a recent UK concert where a lot of fans were introduced to the new instrumental music of Geigertek. During 2008 it has also been interesting to hear the development of Geigertek’s music as the follow-up album “The Timeless Mind” takes shape – clearly Geigertek’s music is going to develop in interesting ways.

On a personal level, Neil’s input into helping me to promote himself and AD Music via the internet has been invaluable – Tuesday evenings have become a regular working evening with a lot of laughs alongside the more serious and mundane computer work. Also, we found time recently to collaborate on music for a TV advertisement that became the David Wright & Geigertek  Christmas single “The Dancing Snowman”.

~ by admusic on December 11, 2008.

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