Acheloo – latest release “Ishtar” continues to receive rave reviews.

Another strong review from Germany highlights the current strength and depth of new instrumental music currently available on AD Music. Acheloo is  Carlo Luzi from Italy, whose music made such in impression on AD Music’s  David Wright. On “Ishtar” Carlo  deepens his search for the essence and the core of sounds in a more minimalist style.
On the concept of the album, Carlo explained the dualist aspect continues as well: the goddess and terrifying demon, the expression of the life cycle, the seasons of Earth, the Great Mother and the Queen of the Underworld, the one who sent the dreams and omens, the revelation and understanding of things that are hidden.
The elegant flowing textural content of “Ishtar” at times comes close to the soft dwelling soundscapes which marked Steve Roach’s landmark recording “Dreamtime Return”, especially when one listens to the 12-minute opening track “I am the Earth’s Mistress”. The electronic sounds are nicely complemented by sounds of the sea and spacey guitar, giving the music a dreamy atmosphere. This is electronic music moving in the slow lane, taking its time to venture into deeper sound worlds. On the second and third track, the gliding sound of electric guitar is more prominent, but remains chilled and very emotive.
The album ends with “Ishtar Gate”, split in two parts of 7 and 11 minutes. On these two great pieces, nicely layered velvet textures return, slowly cascading and shimmering in its dreamy content while some nice guitar surfaces here and there. These pieces ensure this album ranks even higher than the excellent debut “Sirens”.
All in all, these gentle, soft glowing and well rendered sound-waves are recommended for fans of ambient electronic music. Available as digital download from the AD Musicwebshop, and also available as a cd-r with full artwork.

~ by admusic on December 14, 2008.

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