David Wright talks about the new music of Acheloo

We’re always looking for new instrumental music at AD Music that’s different; music that retains a strong emotive element but that also manages to be fresh and exciting. When I received the Carlo Luzi demo “Sirens’ under his pseudonym Acheloo earlier in 2008, I was blown away by it. Here was ambient music the like of which I hadn’t heard since  Steve Roach’s landmark recording Dreamtime Return. Beautiful tones and drifting, effortlessly shifting sounds that captive the listener in a way that’s nothing short of magical. Here is a guitarist and keyboard player who knows exactly how to manipulate sounds and textures, and tellingly, knows exactly when to shift and move the music to retain both mood and maximum impact. And then, astonishingly, supremely subtle guitar work is added that takes the whole album to a totally new level. In my opinion, good ambient music is an art form that very few can master (eg Eno) and even fewer can master as well as Acheloo.

But if I thought “Sirens” was amazing, nothing could prepare me for the follow up album that was sent two weeks later. “Ishtar” is, quite simply,  the most amazing ambient electronic music album I’ve ever heard! From it’s opening John Carpenter influenced sequence through to the awesome two part title track, “Ishtar” is a monumental ambient electronic work that deserves a place in any self respecting ambient music lovers collection. Just like “Sirens”, Carlo manages to evoke music of wonderfully dark imagery while retaining a hypnotic beauty, embellished by his stunning guitar work that really does lift the album to a totally different plain; unique and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. If I sound gushing and overly enthusiastic about these two albums, it’s because they are genuinely stunning works the truly deserve to be heard and appreciated by a wider audience of ambient electronic and instrumental music fans.

Don’t take my word for it though, check out the AD Music online music store and digital downloads page for full information on Acheloo and his astonishing ambient electronic instrumental music.

~ by admusic on December 15, 2008.

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