The “reselling used MP3s” debate.

In yesterdays blog I said what I think about reselling used MP3’s and stated what a stupid and insane idea I believe it to be. To qualify that statement, there is a site called Bopaboo, currently working in beta test mode, that hopes to open its online doors next year to allow MP3’s to be “resold” secondhand. The idea is, quite frankly, beyond me and defies all commonsense and logic. On the face of it, the owner of Bopaboo seems sincere in wanting to work with copyright owners. But the reality is that if it is allowed, other unethical people will exploit the idea or technology and it will become yet another method of illegal downloading, and that’s why I’m so vehemently against it. Once again, I am forced to conclude that the people who have these ideas do not think them through in any shape or form (apart from how it can benefit them!), because it’s obvious to anyone with an atom of sense that once this genie is out of the bottle it WILL, without any shadow of a doubt be abused and exploited to the detriment of independent musicians and labels.

Why the hell can’t these people have an ORIGINAL idea of their own and then use their knowledge of technology to exploit THEIR idea instead of always using technology to exploit and profit from someone else’s creations?!

I know that people will use the argument that; “If I’m allowed to resell my physical CD, then why shouldn’t I be allowed to resell my digital download?” On the surface that appears a valid argument, but I would argue that it’s totally different because of the very nature of digital media and the ability to so easily abuse and exploit it illegally, and more importantly, the inability to police it. The floodgates that such an idea would open is frightening. I hope all those independent musicians and labels, not just those in the electronic and instrumental music genres will vigorously oppose this idea by whatever legal methods available.

Reselling a physical CD album is one thing, but selling digital music ‘second hand’ is just plain madness and the repercussions for independent music would be disastrous.

Just because we have the knowledge and technology to do a thing, it doesn’t mean that we have to do it!

~ by admusic on December 21, 2008.

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