David Wright talks about the new music of Dhyanam.

We categorize the music on AD Music as “instrumental music” mainly because it’s arguably a more accurate description than most. Many people also refer to our music as electronic music, which is fine, and sometimes New Age music, which I’m personally not that keen on. Maybe it’s because the term “New Age” can conjure up visions of healing, yoga and guided meditation – which our music isn’t. However, an avenue AD Music will be exploring in 2009 to run alongside its usual catalogue of instrumental electronic music is a more relaxed style specifically for meditation and relaxation, but with the quality and structure normally associated with the rest of the AD Music catalogue.  So when Dhyanam sent a demo of his first album “Deep Embrace” in 2008, it fitted perfectly into the emotive and melodic style of instrumental music that we would like to hear in the new category of music.

Based in Amsterdam, Dhyanam’ s musical journey is a long and winding road which has included playing guitar in rock bands, sitar in Indian classical ensembles and now creating EM tapestries on his keyboard. His influences being the pioneers of EM – Vangelis, Jarre, Kitaro, Kraftwerk – he aspires to continue to evolve – and see where the music leads him. He works together with his wife who produces all of his compositions.

The quality and variety on Deep Embrace is staggering. What got my attention though, right from the start, was the strong emotional content of the music. I often go on in blogs about the recording and production quality of music in demos, but what always attracts me in the first instance is “emotion and feel” – because that and atmosphere helps make a connection with the music and with the composer. Now, anyone who knows me will also know that I’m particularly into melodic music with structure and an edge, but not usually new age style music unless it’s special, say like Kitaro or James Asher. As soon as the opening track of Deep Embrace began to play, I was hooked. “Fluidity” is a gently evocative piece of music with oodles of emotion and the style continues with the track “Fresh Flowers”. However, it’s when we get to track 3 “The Source” that it’s clear that Dhyanam is a lot, lot more than your usual instrumental music artist. On this stunning track we hear Dhyanam’s compositional and arrangement skills with a hauntingly beautiful classical piece of music that really does pull on the emotions and heart strings. Fabulous! The next track “Mora Breakfast” is again different in style, gentle electronic music but with a strong yet delicate central theme. “Silent talk” is one of my favorite pieces; drifting space music, evocative and mysterious with hints of Vangelis. “Open Secret” and the delightfully titled “A second first Impression” are quite Tomita like in style and the title track, at 8.47 the longest on the album, returns to classical mode and is another emotional beauty. It’s also worth mentioning the superb production and technique here, because it’s not easy to produce such authentic orchestral tracks without an orchestra (and this is keyboard/synth music, not sample based music!). “Crystal Pavilion” and  “Cuckoo” are both typical pieces of gentle, melodic new age electronica, while “Empty” is another evocative and mysterious piece of gently rhythmic space music. The album concludes with a very nice rhythmic track, the Tangerine Dream sounding, “The Smell of Rain”.

“Deep Embrace” is a superb debut album on so many levels. Musically it’s varied, exploring numerous electronic styles from mysterious electronica to gentle romantic new age, yet it retains a coheasion that makes the album a really good listen. There is so much depth and passion, and a lot of originality. The production is good and the arrangements show a level of musical expertice often missing in this style of music. Pure quality – soundscapes to explore, music to relax and chill to!

~ by admusic on December 22, 2008.

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