David Wright – “Dreams and Distant Moonlight” review by Vanguard-online.co.u

Another dreamy program of instrumental music from David Wright for your chill-out space. Opening oh-so-quietly before adding steady piano then building step by step with the addition of sequencer and rhythms, the album gathers momentum. Add some Pink Floyd, Gilmour-flavoured guitar and lots of spiraling arpeggios then float in a disembodied female voice and, ladies and gentlemen, as Spiritualised said, we are floating in space.

There really are no surprises here for anyone who has heard David Wright’s instrumental, electronic music before. Things flow from one state to another, from one texture to another without jarring or surprising you, leaving this reviewer’s thoughts to gently amble about his head whilst the music beams down like a big smiley sun, warming his Tellytubby world. Track titles like Velvetude, Amorphous, State Of Bliss and Sun Dust conjure up the prog-hippy sound of the shapes played here and bring thoughts of the ancestors of this sound – Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc. Being the founder of the AD Music label, David gets to release an album a year and each is packed, like this with seamless sound – this set is good for seventy-seven minutes of dreamy reflection in the comfort of your own home.

Take a look at the sleeve – it does its job perfectly. If you like it or feel a guilty frisson of science fantasy geekdom or maybe recall a Yes album sleeve when you see it, you should investigate this set.

Thanks to vanguard-online.co.uk

~ by admusic on January 14, 2009.

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