Code Indigo at Derby 2009 news.

Those of you who have been following recent AD Music blogs will no doubt have been curious that electronic music band Code Indigo are now opening the AD Music festival in Derby on Saturday September 5th 2009. You may also have been curious as to why the original Bekki Williams and Geigertek opening slots were pulled in favour of Code Indigo. As previously reported, Bekki Williams ruled herself out of the event for personal reasons, and we’re all very disappointed that she can’t perform on this occasion, but Bekki is a definite for the 2010 event! There were practical reasons to do with the set up that made the two opening slots of Geigertek/Bekki Williams viable. But without Bekki Williams a similarly strong act was needed and Code Indigo was suggested. Robert Fox had already declined to perform solo and due to ongoing personal differences between he and David Wright, a decision was taken to invite Neil Fellowes (Geigertek) to be the second Code Indigo keyboard player, in place of Robert Fox, for the Derby event. David Wright has stated that; “There has been a parting of the ways between Robert Fox and I. Obviously that impacts on Code Indigo, which I want to continue with, but it wasn’t going to work with both of us involved. It wouldn’t be right for me to make any further comment and that’s all I can really say”.

So the new Code Indigo line up for Derby is David Wright, Andy Lobban, Dave Massey, Nigel Turner-Heffer and Neil Fellowes. For more information please contact the AD music online store. An AD Music festival page with full event information will be online very soon.

~ by admusic on January 20, 2009.

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