New Code Indigo line-up.


A picture of the new Code Indigo “live” line-up has been released. It features Nigel Turner-Heffer (bass guitar and Keyboards), David Wright (keyboards), Neil Fellowes (keyboards) and Andy Lobban (lead guitar). The photo doesn’t feature producer and non performing rhythm programmer Dave Massey, but he remains an integral part of the band and the photo is intended purely for live performance promotional use. Code Indigo are considered one of the premier electronic rock bands and they surprised and delighted many people by agreeing to open the AD Music instrumental music & electronic music festival in Derby on September 5th 2009. The band has promised they will perform some brand new material alongside older favorites at the event. Despite a period of inactivity since their last studio album “Chill” and the live double album “In Concert” in 2006, the band remain one of AD Musics most popular acts and a new studio album is scheduled for release in 2010 and several UK and European concerts are also being planned. For more information check out the AD music online store.

~ by admusic on January 28, 2009.

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