Space Music viewed from a Solar Promenade.

Enterphase - Solar PromenadesLooking back at albums on AD Music, certainly one of the most inventive space music albums the label has released in recent times is “Solar Promenades” by Enterphase and Friends. Enterphase are Fred Becker, who you may remember from his cosmic Inner Steller album in the 1980’s, and Jeff Filbert. Both artists are based in the USA. On Solar Promenades the duo expanded on their improvised, Berlin school style electronic sequencer music found on their first two albums “Phase One” and “Phase Two”, also released by AD Music, to incorporate a more balanced and mature work that includes elements of sequencer style space music, cosmic music, ambient music and electronica music. Also involved in the album were Dean De Benedictis, John Dumitru and David Wright and their contribution helped Fred and Jeff achieve a wide variety of instrumental music styles and textures that prompted excellent reviews from critics and fans alike. Of the many favorable comments, two highly respected web sites, Wind and Wire and Synthtopia wrote respectively; “An essential album to own if you love electronic space music with elements of SF woven into it. Highly recommended.” And: “Solar Promenades makes you want to turn up your stereo, close your eyes, and experience the glory of beautiful synth work.”

At the time Solar Promenades was considered by some to be a bit different to the usual fare released by AD Music, although in truth  AD always has tried to push boundaries. The album comes across as very Teutonic styled ambient synth music in the relaxed vein of early Nik Tyndall and maybe Tangerine Dream, circa Canyon Dreams and Underwater Sunlight. There are many influences at play here, some due to Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert themselves, others due to the aforementioned guest appearances. The result is a quite cosmic electronic music album that is both involving and ideal as background music.

If you haven’t checked this one out, do so because if this style of music is your thing, then I don’t think you’ll be disapointed. Check out the music online store for more details.

~ by admusic on February 16, 2009.

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