Callisto “Gossip”

Anticipation is growing fast for the long-awaited second Callisto CD, presently titled “Nyx”, not least from the very person writing this!!! Prepare for some inside info on this latest incredible meeting of electronica music minds. During my weekly sojourn to see David Wright at his Suffolk-based Planet Recording Studio, I was pleased to find the other half of Callisto, namely Mr. Dave Massey, was also in attendance and they were working on the afore-mentioned CD. I then had the pleasure of something of a “sneak preview” of two of the tracks, as yet untitled and still very much “work in progress”. Keeping that in mind, what I can say is that, even at this stage, if you think “Signals To The Stars” was good, you ain’t heard nothing yet!!! What I heard were two tracks that took me back to the analog sequenced journies of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, layered up with a myriad of what I would call “retro” sounds from Melltron-like strings and violins to the phased string pads reminiscent of the early electro pioneers, all augmented and under-pinned by the sounds of now, most notably the presence of the incredible Omnisphere virtual synthesizer. These two unfinished tracks of rhythmic space music are showing off the strongest points of these two amazing musicians. David Wright’s signature synthesizer leads and string arrangements are very much in evidence and sounding as fresh as ever along with some truly, beautifully soulful and haunting piano improvisations that drift through elements of the set pieces within the indivdual tracks. Dave Massey’s driving rhythms guide you through a maze of synthesizer moods and atmospheres with an assertive grace that doesn’t dominate the moment and his fast-paced evolving sequences, which almost speak to the listener, are something Tangerine Dream would be proud of. And it’s not finished yet…… More “gossip” soon!!!

~ by admusic on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “Callisto “Gossip””

  1. we can’t wait for CALLISTO’S new album, have been “pestering” the lovely elaine for news on this for over a year, sorry about that elain….lets face it DAVID IS AN ABSOLUTE MUSICAL GENIUS…KIND REGARDS FROM BRIAN AND SYLVIA HAVANT

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