Problems downloading MP3’s from Amazon?

We’ve had a number of complaints recently from fans and customers who have experienced problems downloading AD Music instrumental music titles from Amazon. Files have been corrupt or not all the track was uploaded to amazon so the files/songs are shorter than they should be. We’ve contacted our distributor, The Orchard, about the problem, and we have tried to let amazon know direct. That’s really about all we can do, except to say, get the mp3 downloads direct from admusiconline store where the download rate is 256kbps and includes full artwork. It’s always difficult in our genre of electronica music and space music to reach a wider audience and it’s particularly frustrating for us at AD Music to know that our customers are having these problems. So please do let us know if you do experience problems obtaining AD Music downloads from reputable online sources, and like we said earlier, maybe checkout our online store instead.

~ by admusic on March 4, 2009.

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