Whilst working on the second Geigertek album of electronica music, to be called “The Timeless Mind”, Neil Fellowes has been giving some thought to inspiration and what sparks it. An interesting point was put across to him by an acquaintance that sometimes, working alone can stretch the creative juices a little as opposed to when you are in a group. As is the norm with Neil, he took some time out to ponder this a bit and an interesting little exercise it turned out to be for him as it kind of helped him to go on and focus a bit more than normal.

Neil’s own inspiration comes from several quarters, not least the music he likes to listen to, the people around him and the things he experiences in life. The music he listens to is the biggest inspiration as it has given him something of a road map to tune into and take in a direction that veers away from the style or concept he looks to follow, thereby aiding his own slant. Neil’s recent compositions have been, in part, inspired by the instrumental music and heavily influenced space music of people he has been mixing with, namely David Wright and Klaus Cosmic Hoffmann – exchanging ideas, “jamming” and discovering new techniques and approaches has obviously presented a bit of a water-mark on his newer material in terms of the influence of these people and their approaches.

Neil considers himself to be fortunate when it comes to inspiration because of the work he does and the various experiences that comes with it. Neil works full-time as a clairvoyant and a part of his day is spent taking time out to clear the mind of the junk that clogs it up. An upshot of this is that through what most would term as “meditation” (Neil prefers to think of it as guided relaxation), you go to places you might not ordinarily consider. Fear not, we’re not going all mystical and New Age on you here as Neil firmly believes in keeping it real and down to earth, but by clearing aside the brain-chatter and allowing the mind to go where it wants, it can be quite an inspirational experience. The concept of the next Geigertek album, “The Timeless Mind”, is about the journey from this life into the next, taking into account the feelings of that transition and the realisation and acceptance of what has happened from the first person perspective, the music itself based upon Neil’s own musings and impressions gleaned through times of guided relaxation and bridges crossed. Much of this is being achieved through where his mind takes him during his relaxation times and then translating those places and feelings in a way that can be expressed in musical terms. Neil accepts that this may sound “a little fluffy”, but he feels that if inspiration is escaping you, it might be worth having a go at taking yourself to a quiet place, plugging yourself in a music player of some description and see where you mind goes – then go to your place of inner creativity and see what happens. Possibly nothing, but maybe it might just be that…………

~ by admusic on March 9, 2009.

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