Code Indigo – For Whom the Bell now available for digital download.

code-indigo-for-whom-the-bell-300One of AD Musics most commercially successful acts is Code Indigo. The album ‘For whom the Bell’ released in 1996 remains the most commercially successful instrumental music album in the labels history, due largely to the astonishing success of the track “Code 14” which has featured on compilations worldwide totaling over 500,000 sales. Those familiar with the bands history will know that it provided the launch pad for a series of great concerts in the UK and Germany in the early years, including the highly regarded Derby Cathedral Concerts (captured live on the Blue box set) and the spectacular Duisburg concert with Klaus Schulze.

On it release in 1996 the album FWTB was showered with praise from fans and critics alike because the album crossed so many genres. Electronica music, space music and prog rock fans all found much to enjoy in the imaginative, off the wall, Blade Runner style soundtrack offering written by two of the UK’s foremost electronic music artists David Wright and Robert Fox, joined by Nik Smith on guitar and Vaughn Evans on keyboards. Brimming with great atmospherics and themes all underpinned by some superb Pink Floyd style guitar, FWTB was to be the launch pad for an amazing journey over the years to come.

Somewhat suprisingly, the album is only now available from the AD Music website as a digital download at 256kbps plus full artwork in jpeg format, so if you haven’t already heard this album, then we’d suggest you give it a listen, because you really have missed a treat! Of course, the album is still available in CD format from AD Music and most online outlets. Please visit the AD music online store to find out more details.

~ by admusic on March 17, 2009.

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