More thoughts on the Schallwelle Music Awards.

Arrived back home in the UK early Tuesday morning after an extended weekend away in Germany. The only downside was a blow-out 5 miles from home (!) that ended up costing £600 worth of damage to my car – ouch!

Anyway, I wanted to thank and congratulate everyone concerned with the Schallwelle Music Awards for all the hard work in making the event so successful. It was a pleasure to be there and see so many old friends, in particular Winfried Trenkler, whose award was the highlight of the evening. I have been in the EM scene long enough to know that there have been “problems and fall-outs” in the past, and it was such a delight to get such a positive feeling from the evening that bodes well for our music scene.

I came to the event not just because of my nomination, but because I genuinely believe the electronic music scene that we all love needs to be united, and we need to support each other if it is to prosper – and when I say prosper, I mean artistically as well as financially. With so many different ‘interests” there will always be the occasional problem, but talking to people during and after the event, there seemed to be a genuine feeling of something far reaching and positive coming out of the evening and all involved are to be applauded for making that happen.

When I attended the music circus in Beliefeld last year I had a very real sense of a “shift” in the em scene for the better, due largely to the enthusiasm and the passion of everyone concerned, and it is really great to see that growing.

On a personal note, I was honoured to receive the award for best CD, and yes, I was genuinely surprised and the award itself is also very beautiful! I was nominated (Code Indigo) on several occasions for the Schwingenhaun awards in the 1990’s – and was pressed to attend – only to be runner up, so I never assumed I was going to win anything this time round. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock also kept the secret very well and we never spoke of the nominations during my stay with him.

The event itself started at 16.00 hours with musicians and guests chatting over drinks and a stunning buffett. The evening awards were interspersed with music from 3 acts, Klangwelt, Maxxess and Beats and Loops while Mario Schonwalder, Harald Groskopf, Klaus Hoffmann Hoock and Bernd Kistenmacher gave some great speeches and although I was getting the content in translated fashion, it was clearly well received and often very amusing. The whole event was expertly compared by Sylvia Sommerfeld and Stefan Erbe.

I know it’s a long journey from the UK to events in Holland and Germany, but I do hope that other other UK musicians, the few labels left and of course fans, will consider making the trek next year!

~ by admusic on March 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “More thoughts on the Schallwelle Music Awards.”

  1. Great Work.
    Keep up the good Posts and I look forward to more of your work.
    Sandy Woo

  2. Great Stuff.. keep up the great stuff.
    Kim Cidy

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