Geigertek new album, DVDr and Concert news.

neil-fellowesNeil Fellowes, aka Geigertek, will be appearing at the Awakenings concert on 27th June 2009. For more information please visit the Awakenings website at – tickets are £10 and look out for news of the forthcoming Geigertek album “The Timeless Mind”. If you check the Geigertek myspace page you will get a taster of what’s to come! Later in the year you’ll see Neil at the Derby festival in his new role as a member of Code Indigo. Also, Neil’s DVDr containing graphics and concert footage from his 2008 UK concert should be available for June release.

The current instrumental music album “The garden” continues to garner praise, this mini review from Ashley franklin is typical: “The Garden captures the melodic strength and grandiosity that is so often found in the best music on the AD Music label, particularly if you veer towards Vangelis or slip into a Tangerine Dream. Geigertek pleasingly paints with a full sonic palette, and also effectively combines traditional synths with contemporary and wide spectrum of electronica music sounds, showing a fondness for echoey piano and choral samples for added mysticism. Great Stuff!”

For more information visit the AD online music store.

~ by admusic on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “Geigertek new album, DVDr and Concert news.”

  1. can he better “the garden” which is out of this world…we look forward to your new album with anticipation

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