AD Music announces more new music for 2009/10

Despite the economic doom and gloom, instrumental music label AD Music will soon announce a schedule of releases for 2009 and 2010 that includes old favorites, new artists and several compilations.

A new David Wright CD “Sines of Life” will be released in May. The album also feature Klaus Cosmic Hoffman on guitar and M-Tron. More information on the David Wright website.

The new Callisto album NYX is nearing completion and should be available for a June release.

Several new artists include Ramsaygee, who will be releasing two digital albums of electronica music; “Exotique” and “Digital Nights” are a unique blend of electronica and cultural music featuring synths, guitars and percussion.

Fans of Berlin school electronic music will enjoy a new album by Harald Nies. “Cryptic Labyrinth” which is a really good album combining 80’s style electronic music with excellent guitar.

Acheloo has another superb ambient space music release called “Khiamara” due at any time and Geigertek’s “The Timeless Mind” is also nearing completion.

A number of CD compilations are also due, designed to showcase music from all the digital albums by Dhyanam, Acheloo, Wim, Geigertek, Steve Barnes, Ramsaygee and Harald Nies. The compilation CDs will also include exclusive material from established acts like Code Indigo, David Wright, Robert Fox, Bekki Williams etc.

There are also CD releases due from Code Indigo, Bekki Williams, David Wright and Ian Boddy, Boddy, Hoofmann-Hoock and Wright plus some special digital only special from Code Indigo.

For up-to-date information please check out the AD Music online store.

~ by admusic on April 18, 2009.

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