New 2009 CD and digital releases on AD Music

The AD Music blog has been offline recently due a whole lot of factors, but we’re back and ready to bring you all the news, views and latest release information from your favorite instrumental music label. There’s a lot to report because the new releases have been stacking up. So “What has been going on?” you may ask. Well AD Music has been negotiating a worldwide distribution deal with New World Music and until everything is in place, releases have been “On Hold”. But things are pretty much set now and we can give you an idea of what’s to come, and we’ll go into more detail on all these releases in ongoing daily blogs in the coming weeks. Of course, the AD Music website will also soon feature information on all these releases. First up is the long overdue “Sines of Life” by electronic music artist David Wright and of course, his Callisto project album Nyx. Then there’s the new album from Geigertek called “The Timeless Mind”, a superb leap forward from the excellent “The Garden”. There’s a third ambient album from Acheloo; “Khimaira” and it’s as haunting and brilliant as his first two!! Another new artist is Ramsaygee with digital albums titled “Digital Nights” and “Exotique” and these will blow your mind – superb excursions into rhythmic melodic electronica with plenty of thematic melodies, synths, guitar and atmospheres to keep you satisfied. keep your eye on the AD Music blog and website for future updates.

~ by admusic on June 20, 2009.

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