AD Music announce two new releases by newcomer Ramsaygee.

Ramsaygee - Digital Nights (AD70 Digital)AD Music is always looking to bring fans original new music, and newcomer Ramsaygee delivers not one but two superb albums of electronica music that really are going to excite and delight. This is music that is hard to categorize, but probably fits into the category of more modern electronica; think a more rhythmic Mike Oldfield – a heady mixture of rhythms, both real and electronic, tribal beats, real percussion and occasional vocal textures laced with terrific guitar and electronic synth work.

“Digital Nights” & “Exotique” are both exiting electronic music journeys, in which the ethnic rhythms are integrated into the more contemporary electronica motifs to startling effect. The variety of sounds and styles attained is quite remarkable and the overall feel is one of excitement and anticipation as the listener is taken on a dazzling musical trek that’ll leave your head spinning, but also hitting the replay button to go round again.

Ramsaygee - Exotique (AD71Digital)

Rhythms are the order of the day here, verging from electronica to rock to tribal rhythms and back again. But there is also some wonderfully delicate and hauntingly atmospheric work too, all held together by the superb musicianship of those involved. There are some terrific themes that’ll have you humming the tunes long after the music has faded into space, and with one song flowing seamlessly into another, both albums have an epic feel about them that brings to mind some of the best contemporary thematic albums in both the electronic and the prog rock genres in the past 25 years.

“Exotique” and “Digital Nights” will be available to download on 26th June. In the meantime, listen to the sound bites on the AD Music website to get a flavour of what the music is about because this unique and original music is best heard, not talked about! Check out the AD Muisc website and online store for more information.

~ by admusic on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “AD Music announce two new releases by newcomer Ramsaygee.”

  1. hi elaine can’t find these 2 cd’s on your web am i a bit previous
    looking for digital nights regards sylvia and him[my man]

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