News on the new David Wright CD release “Sines of Life”.

sines-of-lifeThe new David Wright instrumental music release “Sines of Life” is scheduled for release early in August 2009. The delays have been due in part to AD Music changing its distribution to New World Music, changes to the artwork and last minute track editing.

“Sines of Life” will be available on CD and as a digital download and contains 9 tracks totaling 78 minutes of music and is a mixture of new studio recorded tracks and studio edited live music from the 2007/2008 USA and UK concerts. The album also features Nigel Turner Heffer & Robert Fox on one track, and Klaus Cosmic-Hoffmann on on four tracks playing guitar, electric sitar and Memotron.

Although the album features live music versions of songs already released, some versions are so radically different to the originals as to be almost new songs in their own right and the electronic music is not presented in “live” mode; ie no audience noise etc. The full track listing is; September Dawn, Sines of Life, 3 am & All Good Things (all new), Cassini (live) Walking with Ghosts, Beyond Paradise, Just and Illusion and State of Bliss (all live and featuring Klaus Cosmic Hoffmann).

A volume 2 featuring all new material, both live and studio recorded, will also be available later this year as a digital download only. More details on that to follow.

~ by admusic on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “News on the new David Wright CD release “Sines of Life”.”

  1. we have purchased from new world music for yrs….david is one of the best e music composers on the planet we hope this will lead to more people purchasing his works….regards sylvia and her man

  2. hi elaine are these 9 tracks seperate tracks or are they looped togeter, asked because i need to se pc up for the 2 types of recording i.e. if seperate i put a 2sec gap betwen tracks we are really looking forward to this music from david regards sylvia

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