Thoughts on electronic music circus in Beilefeld

So, back in the UK after the Beilefeld concert. Shattered after 1100 mile drive, had great fun with Ian Boddy and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. Our performance at Beilefeld was not as good as the previous AD Music instrumental music concert due to technical problems. We originally agreed to do the event to help the event organizers try and raise the profile of electronic music after seeing their efforts at last years first event. The problem this year was that, despite all good intentions, and this is NOT intended as a criticism of the organizers, who again did a great job on the day, there was, in my opinion, one act too many and the time allowed for two acts to set up for the evening show and sound check was too short, particularly given the very small stage area. In the end,  the last act suffered, and we just weren’t able to put on the quality of performance we would have liked, and for any artist, that is disappointing.

My initial response may have seemed a little heavy handed to some people, but it was an honest personal reaction from a musician who knew the performance was not as good as it could have been, and who was tired and a little disappointed at that fact. As I have stated before on numerous occasions, the organizers of the electronic music circus event are a great bunch of guys and they are doing a fantastic job for electronic music. Therefore my comments are intended as constructive to help for the future, not to upset or offend.

So, my advise for next years electronic music circus is, maybe consider QUALITY over quantity and ensure all the artists are given adequate time to set up and sound check. The guys did a fantastic job and tried really hard to make it all work, so congratulations and full marks to them for all the effort they put in to make it such a good day, because my moans are minor in the context of a very good event! Hopefully, if they’re still speaking to me, I’ll see them all in Beiefeld next year!

~ by admusic on September 14, 2009.

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