Geigertek – The Timeless Mind due soon

Timeless Mind - Geigertek
…………the second Geigertek album, “The Timeless Mind”, is finished and the masters are now with AD Music, ready for release sometime in early 2010. I’m very pleased with it and whilst I don’t want to sounded conceited, it’s sounding good with some strong moments and one track that really does stand out (“Spirit-Walking”) is going to be included on a forth-coming AD electronic music compilation CD. I find it interesting that the sound and the feel of “The Timeless Mind” is a long way off what I originally planned and a couple of tracks have altered radically since they were first recorded. It’s been a labour of love over an 18 month period, not least with two tracks needing to have their production stripped right back and re-done from the ground up which took a couple of months to sort out!!! Here’s a breakdown of the album:


01. The Stirring Of Echoes
02. Passing
03. What Dreams May Come
04. Until The End Of Time
05. In Another Light
06. The Embrace Of Eternity
07. The Timeless Mind
08. Spirit-Walking
09. The Gift Of Goodbye

As with “The Garden”, this instrumental music album twists and turns it’s moods and atmosphere’s, moving from out and out ambient to almost Berlinesque sequencing all within the same track in one instance. The opening track has an air of uncertainty about it, something waiting to happen played out over a wash of shifting filtered noise and small echoing bells. I’ve also indulged in another classically influenced piece (“Passing”), using the sounds of a quartet of piano, flute, cello and viola, bringing in a full orchestra before degrading the sound of a massive held chord through an array of processors (bitcrusher, harmonic filter, delay, granulator and lashings of deep and long reverb). The mood lightens with “What Dreams May Come” with it’s gentle sequenced harp and synthetic rhythms before a percussion section joins the build-up to the synth lead (courtesy of the freebie VST called Minimogue). Ambience returns with “Until The End Of Time”, an emotional piece that brings great washes of rumbling synth pads and swirling pseudo-percussion, before a delicately simple piano passage. “In Another Light” takes another step in a different direction as an abrupt start brings the listener back to reality with it’s piano intro leading into swirling synth pads and then settling down with an almost hypnotic rhythm playing against a wash of choirs, tinking piano, muted synth sections and a gritty overdriven synth lead – one listener claimed the pice gave them goose-bumps!!! “The Embrace Of Eternity” is a mixture of out and out ambience and pseudo-Berlinesque sequencing with a bunch of Radiophonic Workshop type sounds thrown in for good measure, finishing with an insanely cool flanged/filtered layered pad from the Alchemy synth. The title track has an up-tempo feel and is a kind of hybrid sound of trance and calypso with some lovely sounding synth leads from the Oddity (an ARP Odyssey emulation) and electronic effects – very Radiophonic Workshop in places!!! And the same can be said of the strongest and most commercial track, “Spirit-Walking” – bouncing sequences, persistant Giorgio Moroder style basslines and flanged hi-hats, guitar and a complete steal of the Billy Currie Odyssey synth lead sound – it works!!! The closing track is one that I’m pleased with. “The Gift Of Goodbye” closes the album in what I feel is a rather cool way – gorgeous lush choral sounds (my first foray into sampling using my own voice multi-sampled and pitch corrected using the Roland V-Vocal that came with Sonar 7 Producer), dramatic orchestral strings and a massive church organ – all before a quirky and unexpected finish – David Wright laughed like a drain when he heard it and couldn’t believe what I had done – I just hope people will get it 😉

So now it’s done, what’s next? Sadly, because of time and work constrictions, I’ve had to shelve the Geigertek-Elektro project for now – gutted, as the singer Manda has a great voice and we could have put on a great set, but alas circumstances have dictated otherwise. That said, I’ve already started baseline work on the next Geigertek album, ideas are abounding and again a different approach will be taken as I want to explore other areas of electronic music, not least using more software emulations of classic vintage synths and devling further into sampling and sound processing. Work on a new Code Indigo album starts in the New Year with David Wright, Dave Massey and Nigel Turner-Heffer, something I’m very excited about, as well as preparing for more live Geigertek (awaiting confirmation of 2 or 3 gigs already) including the possiblity of doing web-streamed gigs from my front room – lol!!! I also want to look into doing an evening of music in Norwich with other local musos, I’ve bounced the idea off of one performer and he was very receptive to the idea – keep a watch on this space for that one. After the success of the Hampshire Jam, David Wright is keen to get Callisto playing more live sets next year and of course Code Indigo will be out playing live as well.

So all in all, 2010 looks set to be a busy year on the music front, and it’s nice to have things which will see the day of light rather than sit on back-burners. Involvement with Code Indigo and Callisto have really helped to move things forward and I’ve been quite lucky. It seems unreal that 2 years ago I was about to approach AD Music with “The Garden”, back then I would never have dreamt of playing alongside David Wright, being a member of Code Indigo, performing at events with Ian Boddy, Ron Boots, Brendan Pollard and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock as well as sharing a dressing room with Radio Massacre International!!! And all these things are greatly appreciated as are the times before all this when the first pieces of music went up onto MySpace and I came into contact with a new group of like-minded people.

It’s all good 🙂

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