Steve Barnes – New Day (CD)

Earlier in the year AD Music signed on Steve Barnes’s excellent piano based album “New Day”. Initially this was to be a digital album but the reaction to the excellent music contained therein has prompted us to reconsider and “New Day” is now available on CD. It is an exquisite contemporary instrumental music album from Steve Barnes, who is better known for his Trance music during the 1990’s. “New Day” is a superbly produced and very smooth excursion into romantic new age style electronica that may be a long way from his former Trance/Dance music days, but as you would expect, has all the hallmarks of a seasoned composer and producer who knows how to construct a tune and convey the emotion and atmosphere required to keep the listener interested.

“New Day” contains 11 tracks of soothing and drifting electronica that features superbly played piano and acoustic guitar themes over the most chilled of rhythms. There is a warmth here that is almost sensual; melancholy yet uplifting; contemplative yet always involving; beautiful but not sugary. “New Day” is one of those albums that will be on repeat play as you discover the wonderful depth and subtlety in Steve’s emotional and dreamlike music. The delicate, melodic piano themes are infectious and will gently caress you, putting you under a spell that will find you gently tapping your feet as the chilled rhythms come in to play. Whilst there are clearly nods to the likes of Mike Oldfield, Ludovico Einaudi and Debussy, “New Day” remains an original album with a clear identity that is both beautiful and incredibly rewarding.

Should also appeal to fans of the more melodic electronic music.

Track Listing:

1.  Watching Clouds – 5:18
2.  Distant Storm – 4:43
3.  Birds in Flight – 4:38
4.  New Day – 5:01
5.  The Hills – 5:19
6.  Falling Leaves – 4:29
7.  The Meadow – 4:45
8.  Still Waters – 4:26
9.  Lullabye – 3:48
10. A Snow Scene – 4:11
11. Reflections – 4:28

~ by admusic on November 17, 2009.

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