Order David Wright CD “Sines of Life Volume 1” and get Volume 2 free!

Pre-order your copy of the CD “Sines of Life Volume 1” now to ensure it’s with you in time for Christmas and to take advantage of our exciting and exclusive offer to get your “Sines of Life Volume 2” download album, absolutely free! This second collection contains an additional 113 minutes of David Wright electronic music.

To qualify for your free download album, order “Sines of Life Volume 1” direct from AD Music before the Monday 7th December 2009 release date. This “free” offer is only available as a download through the AD Music website. On the day your “Sines of Life Volume 1” CD is shipped we will email you a download link to obtain the additional instrumental music of Volume 2 absolutely free.

If you would like the download album as a double CDr with your Volume 1 CD then please note the free offer only applies to downloads, so there is a nominal charge for the CDr. Please click the appropriate order button on the AD Music site at http://www.admusiconline.com/main/DavidWright-index.php

Sines of Life Volume 1  (AD69CD) CD

01. September Dawn (4:51)
02. Cassini – Live USA 2007 (14:04)
03. Walking with Ghosts – Live 2009 with Ian Boddy & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (11:59)
04. Beyond Paradise – Live 2008 with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (7:42)
05. Just an Illusion – Live 2008 with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (9:48)
06. Sines of Life (6:44)
07. State of Bliss – Live 2008 with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (11:54)
08. 3 a.m. – Live 2007 with Robert Fox & Nigel Turner-Heffer (3:04)
09. All Good Things………. (8:27)


Sines of Life (Volume 2) AD73CD Download album

01. First Call (4:58)
02. Kaleidoscope (10:38)
03. Depth from Motion (16:34)
04. Passing Thru (12:03)
05 Cosmosis by David Wright and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (20:55)
06. Nomad (alternate version) (9:49)
07. China (32:53)
08. A Night in September (5:13)
Sines of Life Volume 2 is a collection of tracks that were either unreleased live tracks, commissioned pieces, or music that never made it on to CD albums due to time constraints or because the tracks didn’t quite fit the feel of those albums. But they are all tracks the artist would like to have seen released.

So this epic 113 minute download is a fascinating and varied collection of music from David Wright available as a free download to customers who pre-order the CD “Sines of Life Volume 1” before 7th December 2009. Thereafter the download will be available to purchase at £8:45 (or as double CDr at £13.99).

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