Quantum Voodoo by lord of the ants is coming soon……………..

AD Music is pleased to announce the extraordinary debut release; “Quantum Voodoo” by Lord Of The Ants. This download album will be available on 7th December 2009 and is a sensational mixture of various electronic music and contemporary rock styles, influences and philosophies. This is a truly original and spectacular album – an eclectic mix of dark ambient tones, dreamy landscapes, driving sequencers and screaming guitars.  ‘Quantum Voodoo’ takes you into a new musical realm – a place of magic, of unexplored themes, mysterious rhythms and inspirational new sounds.

Lord of the Ant’s own galvanic, compelling brand of electronica is heavily influenced by electronic music’s eager adopters, which dutifully include Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Tomita, Vangelis and many other innovators of the early EM scene.  Other more contemporary influences include Radiohead, Code Indigo, Boards of Canada, Moby, Aphex Twin, Sigur Ros and Café del Mar.

Quantum Voodoo’s multifarious musical style and alluring abstract themes are designed to appeal to the ‘thinker’ in all of us – encouraging us to explore our own reality and to reach out into the fringes of our understanding and to ultimately confront our own beliefs and prejudices.

Lord of the Ants – Quantum Voodoo (AD78CD) (Digital release 7th December 2009)

1.    Quantum Voodoo (6:36)
2.   Something killed My Dog (4:39)
3.   Growl back at the World (4:52)
4.   Rock and a Hard Place (5;49)
5.   Monkey Gun (3;16)
6.   Noisy Places (4:25)
7.   Indifferent Sea (6:00)
8.   Hanging in Space (5:43)
9.   Ism (4:13)
10.  Borrow Tomorrow (4:37)
11.  World On Fire (8:52)
12.  Road Movie (6:48)
13.  Made in the USA (4:34)
14.  Los Angeles Lounge lizard (8:06)


~ by admusic on November 23, 2009.

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