David Wright – Sines of Life Volume 2 (AD73CD) download (135 minutes)

This special download album, which can also be obtained as a double CDR from AD Music, is a collection of live and studio instrumental music recordings spanning the 10 year period 1998 to 2008. It isn’t a selection of out takes or songs deemed not good enough for CD release, but songs that didn’t make it onto CD because they just didn’t fit the mood or style of what I was working on at the time.  In some instances, the original idea became something else, but all the music contained on Sines of Life Volume 2 is music that I would happily have seen released on CD.

There are live versions of Rysheara and Nomad from 2005 that until recently I didn’t even realise we’d recorded, so I’m really pleased that these can now be heard. “First Call” was actually originally intended to be on “Threesixzero” but I submitted the music for Code Indigo ‘Uforia’ and it became “The Call”.  Kaleidascope has been remixed and remastered from the version previously made available as a download and the gentle “Crystal Clouds” eventually became the intro to a track on Dreams and Distant Moonlight. The track “Cosmosis” was recorded live in 2008 with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock playing the Memotron and “A Night in September” was intended to be performed at a USA concert in 2007.

The track “Passing Through” was a commissioned piece from 2006 that I can now release, and “Depth from Motion” was another live track from 2007. “China” is probably the longest track I’ve ever done at 32 minutes, and one I have worked on, on and off, for several years and the closing track is a short, single version of “Walking with Ghosts”. So there you have it, 135 minutes of electronic music that for those fans who order the Sines of Life volume 1 on CD  before midnight on 7th December 2009, is available absolutely free or as a double CDr at a special price of £5.99 – thereafter it will be available as MP3 download for £8.95 and double CDr at £13.99 plus p & p.

~ by admusic on December 7, 2009.

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