David Wright succumbs to “Quantum Voodoo”

When Christopher Westcott (aka Lord of the Ants) sent me 4 tracks from his proposed instrumental music project “Quantum Voodoo” earlier this year, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of a demo that included tracks titled “Something killed my Dog”, and “Monkey Gun” not to mention the title track. But from the moment I put the CDr in my player, I was hooked! I didn’t know what this guy was on, but I figured it was the same substance we took when recording the Code Indigo album “Uforia” all those years ago, because that, amongst many other things, is what this crazy, wonderful and quite frankly inspired alternative music reminded me of! Okay, okay, so it’s my label and I’m going to biased, but hey, do yourself a favour and listen to this album because it really IS that good. Modern rhythms, but not too modern, superb guitar that’s never in your face, great use of samples, humor, (there’s not not enough humor in music these days) but more than anything, great musical ideas that grab you and won’t let go. It’s great electronica music or chill-out music, whichever term you prefer, full of mood and mystery and like I said, just the occasional tongue in cheek moment to put a smile on your face. Truly brilliant, and if the CD market for new artists in the genre wasn’t so dead, it’d be on CD no problem. Go on, I dare you…………….succumb to Quantum Voodoo. More information on the AD Music online store including purchase details and additional free MP3 downloads from Lord of the Ants.

~ by admusic on December 7, 2009.

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