Prices and downloads, conclusion.

It was thought that by offering what was considered a balanced and factual viewpoint that did sympathize and acknowledge the problems of USA consumers who want European instrumental music, that it might at least elicit a reaction and response that acknowledged where we’re coming from, and why. Probably true to say that one can’t explain to people that “they don’t understand that they don’t understand”. It’s still not clear at all why the view is so different now than 15 years ago when the CD price was basically the same? It’s also somewhat odd that with potential distribution next year, the cost of an AD CD in the USA is still going to be over $16 plus postage, as would be the norm with USA mail orders selling electronic music, so with postage rates, the difference is hardly going to be huge. It’s also curious that in the “good old days”, LPs timed around the 40 minute mark, the very rare exception being KS. But remember the Neuronium LP at 30 minutes, maybe even just under if memory serves?  CDs are now regularly 70 -78 minutes, which is almost a ‘double’ in old LP terms. It’s difficult to grasp just what these people expect anymore and why the don’t appear to read and assimilate relevant information pertaining to a topic they profess to have so much interest in. End of…………

~ by admusic on December 13, 2009.

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