Creation and the language of music.

In response to some fantastically relevant thoughts and views about this elusive and deeply fascinating ‘genre’ that is ever evolving and mutating into new sonic entities on literally a daily basis (well it certainly is for the artists behind it’s creation), I feel more and more saddened when I become increasingly aware of how many people are willing categorize things – most of all – because it is my deepest passion and love – the music we create.  In my head it seems very safe to say that ‘electronica music’ is a genre so named because of the primary use of electronic sounds.  To me though – I cannot pinpoint one single source of influence.

It is true that the 80’s were a magnificent cluster of years in which the electronic music explosions really made themselves heard and felt, but so much of that had its roots as well in the 70’s.  Lest we forget the Floyd opus ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and it’s bleeps and sqwuaks bravely rearing their newfound heads through some of the most ‘off the wall’ and artistically fashioned rock of its day.  Rock that not only dared to be, but became because it dared to be – and largely by the aid of these electronic visitations.

Today, any good listen to a William Orbit remix or production, or the truly artistically inspired and mechanically minded grindings of Marius De Vries (especially on the Bjork and later Madonna works) are all in my opinion reminiscent of from the early  70’s and the greatest parts of the 80’s.  And so what I am trying to say is that I cannot pinpoint a particular influence because in truth all influences have their own previous ones too. While I was being born, people were thinking like I would be thinking now – sonically.

I think for me as a music creator in this day and age it is so important to praise and acknowledge influence (if nothing than through courtesy) yet not to become obsessed with it.  I have dallied with pieces created from wholly inside my head – only to discover new artists later who have already ‘sold’ the idea.  But the last thing I would ever want as a musician is to be labeled with somebody else’s words.  And in my travels and discoveries I have met so many people who feel that way – these are interestingly the people who will not listen to any mainstream thing.

And so this is why I believe that ‘electronica’ is not a genre.  It is not something that can be classified or condemned for borrowing or creating anything new or old.  It is simply another thing – and at the same time, part of a very telepathic force, as all music truly is.  We are simply the paintbrushes to a language that is being spoken around us all the time – how we interpret a language can certainly add to its meaning and some of that meaning is derived from what we have heard spoken before.  As for the language that comes from inside of us first – it is my language.  No one else’s.  If somebody likes my language and associates with it – I will be where any artist in that position would be –in heaven.  But if they don’t – I cannot call myself a failure, because how do you fail at something in the eyes of someone who does not understand what you are saying?  If I was to say it in their language –well then I would not be speaking mine any more.

That said – I’m not sure I want anyone to understand what I am saying musically – I want them to feel it – beyond words and beyond ultimate description.  That is the way that I would like to communicate.  And I believe that there are many many people in the world out there who like communication on that level.  If people were able to stop categorizing what we are doing and begin to feel it rather – I believe then that many boundaries would be eradicated.

Electronica is not a category or genre, so throw away the books and burn the rules and forget any pre-conceived expectations.  It is not ‘safe’ music.  It is a good dolloping of what may not be known – just like tomorrow, and the day after that.  We face tomorrow’s every day but we still feel wary of what we do not know musically? To me, life is about adventure and learning and variety.  I am not truly any sort of creator if I am creating something that has already been created.  That to me is when I have failed – if I have created something last.

Electronica is the ‘genre’ of first time creators.  And I have a dream that some day the world will listen to it with that same interpretation.

Submitted by RamsayGee – December 2010

~ by admusic on December 14, 2009.

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