AD Music CD prices……….

We’re pleased the initial posting on the electronic music forum caused so much interest. It certainly resulted in some new AD Music fans. However, we would like to add a footnote to it all, and please do not take it as being argumentative, just pointing out the facts. Comparing European prices to USA domestic prices with postage and currency issues in play is both utterly pointless and meaningless. If a fair price comparison is to be made, then please compare “like for like”. AD Music prices are not high in the European market. DiN new release CDs $18.00, AD Music CDs $18.45, other outlets $22.25. It’s impossible for AD Music, as a business that wants to survive and continue to release music on CD and digitally, to give free postage. As has been pointed out, we do offer free postage on orders over £24 plus various offers to help fans and redress the balance as best we can. As for availability in the USA, AD Music has been importing to Lloyd Barde and Eurock for 18 years, and that’s not exactly been kept a secret! Prices through them range from $16.25 to $20 and with new distribution available in 2010 through the likes of new world and ear/rational, USA fans will have more choice of outlets to purchase the music from, without the added postage costs incurred when buying from the UK. So seriously folks, a thread implying that AD Music CDs are priced high is not only misleading and inaccurate, but just a little bit unfair, don’t you think?

Fortunately though, the negative comments are far, far, far outweighed by the positive ones. We have received a lot of emails on the subject from readers of our blog and this is typical of them all: “We are lucky that we found AD Music in 1995 and as well as always being produced to an extremely high standard the cost of cd/downloads is, in our opinion, staggeringly good value for money, indeed we would pay more if asked…” from S. Myers

“Happy Christmas One and All” from all at AD Music.

~ by admusic on December 21, 2009.

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