A forthcoming album by RAMSAYGEE – “WAYS”

When I began to create my next instrumental music album “Ways”, I thought very deeply about the best ways to create it.  I wanted to reflect my deep respect and appreciation for freedom and personal creativity, yet I knew that I needed to somehow transform that message to represent a tangible and graspable sequence of ideas – a theme that could possibly be related to on a wider scale without sacrificing any musical integrity.  And that was when I knew that I had found a footing, because the process of creation, the thought structures and its final visage all married in what felt like a great harmony to me.  I knew that in order for me to speak my message it needed a purpose as its host.  That intention is that if you drive long distances, I humbly hope that it will be worthy of accompanying you as a friend in the stereo of your car – for it was largely written with this idea in mind.  If you do not drive or travel much – I have attempted to create something that will help you travel those spaces in your mind.

After taking on board some technical feedback from David from the previous two albums, I hope that this album will be a smooth journey.

The tracks all (albeit quite obscure in some cases) relate to ways as a theme.  It is dedicated to two things that have brought me a lot of magic  in my life – lots of playback volume and open roads.

Track List:
1. Vortex Ethnicana
2. Universal Nomad
3. Island Flowers
4. Homelands
5. Loona Faze
6. Love Mirage
7. Tennis
8. Vocuitar
9. Zeros & Ones
10. Ways
11. The Path To You

And I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy season and a fulfilling new year.

RamsayGee (December 2009)

(Editors note: This excellent album will be available for download early 2010)

~ by admusic on December 21, 2009.

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