David Wright discusses why the 2010 BBC concerts were postponed.

Early in January 2010 UK instrumental music composer David Wright reported that the affectionately named “BBC concerts” (Berlin, Bungay and Columberg) with Schonwalder, Keller and Broekuis had been canceled. David says; “This was a very difficult decision to make because we were all looking forward to the concerts. The first thing to say is that these have been ‘postponed’,  they will happen, probably in 2011, they’re  just not going to happen in 2010. The reasons are solely down to me –  too many AD Music business commitments during 2010. I had already agreed a Callisto and/or Code Indigo electronic music concert in 2010, which has turned out to be e-day on 22nd May, but beyond that, I felt there were far too many other commitments and that consequently, 2010 would not be a year for live performing apart from the e-day event”.

David also went on to discuss how the problems surrounding his knee injury sustained at the Hampshire Jam concert in October 2009 had an impact on the decision. “I hurt my knee during the set up for the Callisto concert at the Hampshire Jam and it turns out that I did a lot more damage than was originally thought. Unfortunately it took until early January to discover that fact, so I now have to see an orthopaedic consultant in February. I’m really lucky that we have such a flexible set up so that Dave Massey, Neil Fellowes & Nigel Turner will come along to e-day to perform with me in solo, Callisto and Code Indigo mode, and obviously they can help this limping musician out (laughs). Seriously though, 2009 was such a hectic year for me both musically and personally, and with the possibility of surgery at some point on the knee during 2010,  I really felt that  it made sense not to overload things this year. So that’s it really, that’s why I felt it best to postpone the BBC concerts until next year”.

~ by admusic on January 20, 2010.

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