David Wright talks about Geigertek’s Timeless Mind album

I’ve been sitting in the studio tonight with Dave Massey and Neil Fellowes finishing the final mastering of the new Geigertek album “The Timeless Mind”, officially credited as ‘Produced by Callisto’. This is a really cool follow-up to “The Garden” and fans of Geigertek are surely going to love it. There are 9 tracks totaling around 60 minutes and it’s really high quality melodic electronic music. I liked “The Garden”, but “The Timeless Mind” is a real leap forward creatively and technically, presenting not just a much broader sound palette, but a denser and more assured sound-scape. Some cool thumping rhythms and sequences are offset with interesting atmospherics and melodies and some great thematic work. The album will be out during March, so worth keeping an eye on………………

~ by admusic on March 5, 2010.

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