Callisto – NYX

More than three years in the making, Nyx is a technical and musical masterpiece! Full of stunning rhythmic, sequencer style music, it’s highly modern and original, yet paradoxically, reminds us of those glorious bygone days of moogs, mellotrons and a sense of electronic music adventure. The two Davids, Wright & Massey, use their Callisto project pseudonym to express a shared teutonic musical vision, so heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre. Yet cleverly, Callisto haven’t forgotten that those icons of the genre included a great sense of atmosphere, emotion and musical structure. So “Nyx” contains complex sequences and driving rhythms plus tremendous musical ideas and structure; four epic tracks that weave a magical spell for a colossal 76 minutes. This really is one classy album, utilising the latest computer technology alongside classic analog synths of the past. If you thought the 2004 offering “Signal to the Stars” was good, just wait until you feast on this unbelievable follow-up.  Destined to be a genuine electronic music classic!

1. The Cyanide Virus (17:05)
2. The Darkness of Night part 1 (17:12)
3. The Darkness of Night part 2 (19:22)
4. The Lighter Side of Gravity (22:56)

Release date 24th May 2010 – Nyx will be available and premiered at eday in Holland on 22nd May 2010.

~ by admusic on May 5, 2010.

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