David Wright; Friends/Callisto – Eday rehearsal news.

Rehearsals for the e-day concert began several weeks ago and it would be fair to say that as with most rehearsal, they began in some confusion and chaos. Unlike the normal performance though, this 2010 e-day headline act is a little more complicated thanks to David deciding on a slightly complex performance incorporating several artists and styles of electronic music due to the the numerous projects he is involved in.

Joining David on stage will be Neil Fellowes (aka Geigertek) on keyboards and Nigel Turner-Heffer on guitar/keyboards. The trio will perform music from David’s solo catalogue and the new Geigertek album. They will be joined by Andy Lobban to perform a specially written medley of Code Indigo tracks similar to that which went down so well in Derby last year. Time permitting, they will also be joined by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock to perform something totally unrehearsed.

The main bulk of the evening though will feature David Wright joined by Geigertek as “Callisto” to premiere the new album “Nyx”, a powerhouse sequence based epic. Those expecting banks of moogs will be disappointed, because the moogs, Jupitor 8’s mini-moogs, CS80’s, ARPs and other associated synths that provided the bulk of the backdrop are from a row of intel macs and pcs. But have no fear….there are synths and keyboards on view and a lot of live playing going on, so lots of scope for things to go wrong……………….

There is also a specially commissioned graphic backdrop to accompany the music for the audience to enjoy. Of course, you’re probably aware that Callisto is, in fact, David Wright & Dave Massey but because Dave M ‘doesn’t do live’, Geigertek joined to complete the “live” Callisto line-up. Sadly though, due to a close family bereavement, Dave won’t be in attendance at e-day.

Nigel Turner-Heffer has worked with David Wright for several years on numerous non EM related projects and he is, of course, also part of Code Indigo. Thus, with Neil already in attendance, it made sense to incorporate some Code Indigo music on the night.

The most difficult part of the rehearsals has been trying to deconstruct the hugely technically complex “Nyx” album to play in a live setting. Much of the album relies on studio wizardry and the powerful studio bound intel mac pros to create the musical and sequenced based ideas, and there was some initial concern that Callisto wouldn’t be able to recreate the album live. But they made a fair stab at it at the Hampshire Jam last year and the rehearsal suggest that these concerns are indeed unfounded.

So with just a couple of weeks to go, rehearsals are on tracks and going well, with probably at least one more Tuesday evening and the weekend before e-day to iron out any problems……………………….see you at e-day!!

~ by admusic on May 7, 2010.

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